Minecraft is the Most-Watched Game on YouTube with Tens of Billions of Views

Fortnite may have been the ‘buzz’ for gamers in 2019 but there is one game that has remained the king of Youtube: Minecraft.

YouTube Rewind 2019

YouTube recently released its Rewind video unmasking viewership statistics for some of its biggest games in 2019 which ranged from Roblox to Minecraft. Roblox videos received 29.6 billion views, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) saw nearly 40 billion, while Fortnite hit 60.9 billion. Acing them all, Minecraft brought in a whopping 100.2 billion views. Its views were nearly double of Fortnite’s, which established Minecraft’s single hand domination on Youtube.

Minecraft has always maintained a gigantic presence on YouTube. The game got its foothold in tutorial videos guiding players to build elaborated structures and long-running narrative series that built worlds inside the game. YouTube strategist and creator, Matthew Patrick “MatPat”, studied the Minecraft phenomena on YouTube a long time ago, showing how the video streaming site backing more than 100 million active monthly players.

The Most Searched Game on YouTube 

2019 was a ‘special one’ for Minecraft, as it outpaced Fortnite as the most-searched game on YouTube for the first time since January 2017. Felix Kjellberg “PewDiePie”, the most-watched creator on YouTube in 2019, got more than 4 billion views on his channel and had “a blast” this year, pulling in more than 570 million views in July alone, the credit for which goes to Minecraft. His success jump-started a trend among other gaming creators, including Sean McLoughlin “Jacksepticeye”.

It is imperative to note, that there is a difference between the most-watched games and games that dominated actual conversations. Fortnite is easily the most trending game, as it is ‘talked-about’ within the gaming and the outside world. Streamers like Ninja and Myth helped keep Fortnite in day-to-day conversation, and events like the Black Hole made the game intriguing for parents too.

However, on YouTube, no one came close to Minecraft. No one’s been able to touch Minecraft. It’s likely that, for the next few years, Minecraft will rule the kingdom of Google’s video platform.

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