RaySecur, a Startup for Mailroom Security, Bags in $3M in Seed Funding

The world is full of ‘eccentric’ people, who send ‘weird stuff’ via mail. According to RaySecur (a mailroom security startup), someone or the other sends suspicious package containing powder, liquid, or some other kind of hazardous material, at least ten times a day.

The Idea behind the Startup

The Boston-based startup, RaySecur, has nicknamed its product as ‘MailSecur’. It can intercept and detect threats in the mailroom before they ever make it onto the office floor.

It is based on advanced millimeter wave technology, originally developed for satellite applications. MailSecur detects (in real-time) and confirms the presence of suspicious liquids and powders in letters, flat envelopes, and small packages. It can be used to elude traditional detection systems and easy for preventing hoaxes and real threats. Moreover, it is safe. The MailSecur technology can detect powders as small as 2% of a teaspoon or a single drop of liquid, the company claims.

The company says MailSecur comes with the following advantages:

  1. Safe for the operator
  2. 3D real-time imaging
  3. Move objects by hand
  4. Real-time mail content screeningLightweight, portable, and easy to set up

The company raised $3 million in seed-round funding led by One Way Ventures. Junson Capital, Launchpad Venture Group, and Dreamit Ventures, a Philadelphia-based early-stage investor and accelerator participated in the funding. Last year, Dreamit Ventures announced that it would move into the early-stage security space.

In its infancy, the company has about 500 customers using its MailSecur scanner; the startup said the funding will help expand its customer base.  The company has scanned more than 9.2 million packages since it was founded in 2018.

Semyon Dukach, managing partner at One Way Ventures, said the funding will help “bring this compelling technology to an even broader market.”

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