Facebook Not on Glassdoor’s ‘10 Best Places to Work’ List

Facebook’s ranking slid down for the second year on Glassdoor’s list of best places to work. Its rank tumbled by 16 spots to the 23rd position. Its desirability ranking decreased from 4.5 to 4.4 out of a perfect 5, according to employees who use the Glassdoor site to evaluate their employers anonymously.

HubSpot, Bain & Co., and DocuSign secured the top three spots on the 2020 list, respectively. Here is Glassdoor’s list.

Fall of Facebook

It’s a craggy fall for Facebook, which was at the top spot in Glassdoor’s 2018 rankings. It dropped to number 7 in the 2019 list, following reports in March 2018 that political consulting firm “Cambridge Analytica” had improperly accessed the data of 87 million Facebook users.

Facebook’s drop is evident, as regulators put the social media company in the “shadows” of antitrust investigations. The 2020 Glassdoor rankings indicate that employees no longer ‘enjoy’ working at the company as they once did. After the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, the company had problems recruiting college graduates and software engineers, former Facebook recruiters told CNBC in May.

Glassdoor ranks companies on eight factors such as work/life balance, senior management, compensation, and benefits. To be ranked, companies must have a minimum of 1,000 employees and receive at least 75 ratings across eight categories during the eligibility period.

Employees told Glassdoor that Facebook is now “painstakingly slow” when it comes to acting on matters of privacy due to its numerous scandals over the past two years. Employees also criticized that high-profile projects are extremely political and there is a shortage of work-life balance.

Sarah Stoddard, Glassdoor community expert said, “There’s been a lot of external criticism that’s been coming toward Facebook”. Stoddard added, “There’s a high expectation for employees to be highly productive which leads to long working hours, and that’s a reason we keep seeing Facebook drop”.

It’s Not “that bad” to Work at Facebook

Despite its declining score and fall in the rankings, Facebook remains well above the average Glassdoor Company rating of 3.5. Employees appreciated Facebook’s mission-driven culture, talented employees at the company, perks, and benefits the company provides.

Stoddard said, “Employees continue to call out that the mission of the company is part of what drives them”.

Facebook was not the only tech company to experience the drop in the rankings. Google fell by three spots, and landed its place at 11th spot and was awarded a score of 4.5. Apple dropped 13 spots to 84th and received a score of 4.3. Amazon was unable to crack the list of 100.

Meanwhile, Microsoft, climbed up 13 spots, landing at No. 21 with a score of 4.4.




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