Cadillac is Dropping Gas Tanks from all its Cars by 2030

Cadillac is going all the way “Electric”. A majority, and possibly all, of the brand’s models would be electric vehicles by 2030, the head of General Motors Co’s Cadillac luxury brand said on Thursday.

Despite a fall in the overall sales in the world’s vehicle market, Cadillac had “Low double-digit” sales growth in China in 2019, Steve Carlisle, Cadillac president said. Sales in the US were on track this year for their first increase since 2013, Carlisle added.

New Line of Electric Vehicles

Cadillac has previously gestured a move toward electric models. Carlisle also confirmed that the brand would make a large electric sports-utility vehicle (SUV), similar to the Escalade. Depending on the consumer demand, it could continue to sell internal combustion models alongside electric vehicles.

According to sources, GM plans to begin the production of the large Cadillac electric SUV in late 2023 at its Detroit-Hamtramck plant as part of a planned $3 billion improvisation of the factory. A compact electric SUV will also be introduced in China in 2022 by GM’s luxury brand. The companion model for it is likely to go into production in the US in late 2023, suppliers said.

A concept for a midsized electric SUV was also released by Cadillac earlier this year. The division will use new names for its future electric models (moving away from ‘boring’ number and letter names such as CT6 or XT5). “Escalade is an awesome name,” Carlisle said. Cadillac will reinvigorate its present gasoline-powered models one more time over the next decade and then concentrate on the electric models, he said.

Carlisle expressed that they don’t know how quickly the transition will take place to a fully electric lineup. A fundamental challenge for electric vehicles is driving range and Carlisle said that Cadillacs will need to generate a range of 300 miles to be competitive. Eventually, he said, “you need to be at 400 miles” with a quick charging time in minutes.

Cadillac also will increase the number of models integrated with GM’s Super Cruise semi-automated driving system, said Carlisle. GM executives have previously indicated that a more advanced version of Super Cruise was in the making.



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