Daring Foods to Introduce a Healthier and Tastier Variant of Plant-based Chicken

There are plenty of options when it comes to a meatless burger; however, are those options healthy? Daring Foods is going to answer this question with its new plant-based chicken.

Ingredients of the Product

Daring Foods (Daring) has developed a plant-based chicken for those who’ve adopted a vegetarian diet. This plant-based chicken is made from five non-genetically modified ingredients — water, soy, sunflower oil, salt, and natural flavoring (a mix of paprika, pepper, ginger, nutmeg, mace, and cardamom).

Daring’s Co-founder and CEO, Ross Mackay, said that they don’t want to be a gimmick; they want to become part of people’s everyday lives. Mackay added, “There’s a big need for a plant-based food that’s actually healthy.”

The company started the sale of the first version of its product in the UK at the beginning of this year. Today, Daring declared that it has the support of Rastelli Foods Group (Rastelli), a major US-based food company supplying products to hotels, restaurants, retail markets, and other commercial customers. Rastelli promised aid to Daring through cash, infrastructure, sales, and distribution support worth $10 million.

Daring plans to launch their products in the US in February with Rastelli’s backing. It will sell its product directly to consumers through its website, restaurants, and retailers. It seems like the startup is focused on the US market, and is shifting its headquarters from Glasgow to New York.

Earlier this month, Mackay cooked a light lunch for an official of TechCrunch. He heated the Daring pieces on a pan with no extra seasoning, and they were ready in about eight minutes. Mackay even encouraged the official to eat the pieces with their hands to compare the texture between the pieces and real chicken.

Mackay is vegan himself, but he pointed out that his target audience is meat-eaters who are looking for a more plant-based diet. By concentrating on chicken and white meat, he’s hoping to make what he calls a “second generation” of plant-based meat products, which are healthier than the first and thus, a bigger part of everyday diets.

Moreover, with Daring Pieces, you don’t feel like you’ve had a heavy meal, and you can be comfortable knowing that they’re void of artificial ingredients.

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