China’s Hubei reports no new Coronavirus cases, for the first time

The central province of China, Hubei excluding Wuhan (the provincial capital), registered zero new cases of coronavirus over 24 hours. It happened for the first time during the outbreak, as authorities persisted to curb imported infections in other areas.

Setting opening Dates for Schools

Wuhan, which is the focal point of the epidemic, registered 126 new confirmed cases on Thursday; however, there were no new infections in the province apart from those cases, the National Health Commission said on Friday. Places elsewhere in China, schools in provinces registering no new cases for several days, began to set their opening dates in a symbol of the country returning to normal.

Qinghai, a province present in the northwestern part of China had reported no new infections for straight 29 days as of March 5. The province said it would teeter the beginning date of different school days from March 11 to March 20, as per a notice posted on an official website on Friday.

Similarly, the southwestern province of Guizhou, which has reported no new cases for 18 days, had stated at the end of February that schools are going to start from March 16.

Outside of Hubei province, there were 17 new confirmed cases, leading the total number of new infections in mainland China to 143, on Thursday, up from 139 cases a day earlier.

Out of the 17 latest cases, 16 were imported from outside of China – one in Shanghai, four in Beijing, and 11 in Gansu. A total of 311 passengers that were coming to Gansu’s provincial capital of Lanzhou from Iran were quarantined, the state television reported late on Thursday. Four cases of Beijing were from Italy.

Downgrading emergency Response measures

Last month, Gansu was the first province to downgrade its emergency response measures from level I to level III, citing the lack of the latest infections. Tibet became the new region to downgrade its emergency response level on Friday, declaring on an official website that few areas had abated to level II and others to level III.

Health authorities in Shanghai stated that the city had registered three new cases in the starting 12 hours of Friday. All three cases belonged to China who had studied abroad in Iran, according to state media. 

All three had been taken by Shanghai customs to quarantine on March 3, a spokeswoman for the city’s health commission said in a news briefing. As new cases tapered off in China, attention has shifted to potential infections coming from overseas.

Authorities in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangdong have all promised to quarantine travelers coming from countries hit the hardest by the coronavirus, which Beijing spotted as South Korea, Iran, Japan, and Italy.

The overall collected number of confirmed cases in mainland China remained at 80,552 as of Thursday. The death toll due to the outbreak in mainland China was 3,042 as of the end of Thursday, increased by 30 from the last day. Hubei registered 29 new deaths, while 23 people died in Wuhan.

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