Washington Imposed Sanction amid the Panicking Situation of Coronavirus in Iran

In a sharp attack against Iran, the US imposed a new sanction this week despite the fact that Tehran has been struggling its ultimate hardship due to the Coronavirus outbreak. At times of severe misery of people across the world due to the virus epidemic, Washington began its political attack against the Middle East country by sending a message that the virus outbreak would not stop Iran from US sanctions.

Iran, which is currently the most vulnerable country of the virus outbreak after China and Italy, has been choked off its oil revenues and isolated its economy because of the US sanction.

US Sanction on Iran

Washington imposed a new sanction this week to exert “maximum pressure” on Tehran’s nuclear policies and its defense programs although the Trump administration promised to continue its support for the flow of humanitarian goods in Iran. The US, exercising its influence to isolate Iran from the global economy, had already blacklisted several companies including five companies based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), three in mainland China, three in Hong Kong, and one in South Africa for trade-in Iran’s petrochemicals.

In a response to the US attack on Tehran, an Iranian official told Reuters, “Washington’s increased pressure against Iran is a crime against humanity… All the world should help each other to overcome this disease.” Some analysts also criticized that the Trump administration has failed to deliver its promise regarding the humanitarian help into Iran.

The Iranian health ministry, meanwhile, claimed that the nation was worst hit by the virus, which has killed nearly 1,284 people with the increasing rate of one person dying every 10 minutes and around 50 people are being infected every hour.

Brian Hook, the U.S. Special Representative for Iranian Affairs, told reporters, “Our policy of maximum pressure on the regime continues.” However, Hook added, “U.S. sanctions are not preventing aid from getting to Iran” citing that Washington’s offering help for the virus outbreak was “quickly rejected” by the Tehran government.

Blaming Iran for Terrorist Funding

Hook also blamed Iranian leaders for their ineffective handling of the virus outbreak and allegedly attacked that Iran “spends billions on terrorism and foreign wars” adding that, if the country had spent one-tenth of this “on a better health care system, the Iranian people would have been much better off.”

On Monday, China urged the US to lift sanctions on Iran on account of humanitarian support in the hours of despair conditions. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Rosenberg of the Center for a New American Security think-tank stated, “While Iran is an epicenter of this virus outbreak and facing true economic catastrophe … there will be no relief on sanctions.”

Mark Dubowitz, an Iran hawk with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies policy group, said Washington could have sent medical goods to Iran via private groups amid the retention of sanction. A dentist Arash Hosseini (52) spoke from Tehran, “America’s sanctions are preventing Iran from getting necessary medicine and equipment to fight against this virus. They have to lift it.”

Meanwhile, a Twitter user @fnikjoo, suggested that the relief of US sanctions on Iran would mean more “Money to support more terrorists in the region and beyond.”

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