British Vicar Catches Fire During an Online Sermon

A British vicar was not expecting that his prayers would be answered in such a manner when he got more than he expected. During his first attempt in an online sermon, he leaned too close to a candle on a cross and his sweater caught fire.

Online Sermons

Stephen Beach of St. Budeaux Parish Church in Plymouth, situated in southwest England, was getting his congregation to reflect on the experience of waiting in the final section of a sermon delivered from his home last week.“It’s a great thing to pause in the presence of God and to ask the question: Lord God, what are you saying to us?,” Beach explained, getting ready for the theme.

“And then, of course, to wait for an answer. I’ve just been pausing between these…” he says before getting to know that his left shoulder has leaned too close to the flame.

“Oh dear, I just caught on fire”, he said, socking and blowing out the flame. “Oh, my word.”

Video sermons being done are part of the response by Plymouth church to tackle the coronavirus crisis, trying to boost people to sustain faith and keep their usual outlook on life, the vicar said, according to a Reuters’ report.

Message from Prime Minister Boris Johnson 

“My family love it, and the youngest grandchildren want to know when Granddad is going to set himself on fire again,” Beach added.

Many of the places of worship around the globe have adopted online prayers and services in response to the pandemic that has killed thousands of people (COVID-19 crisis).

On Monday evening, Prime Minister Boris Johnson broadcast a message through television. The message was viewed by more than 27 million people; he ordered his citizens to stay at home, told nearly all shops to shut down and barred social gatherings including weddings and baptisms.

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