Google Provides 60-day Extension to its Temporary Employees

The temporary staff of Google whose contracts were assumed to end at the time of the mass outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic is now going to be given an extension of an additional 60 days, according to a report from CNBC.

Assignments extended for two months

According to the company, the contractors were given assignments, that were scheduled to get finished during the height of the COVID-19 crisis are going to be automatically extended for two months, according to an internal document of Google that was studied by CNBC.

“During the normal course of business, many temporary assignments are extended beyond their initial one-year engagement — these extensions will proceed as normal,” read the document “However, to support our temporary workforce during this unprecedented time, all temporary staff assignments that are scheduled to end from March 20, 2020, through May 15, 2020, will be automatically extended by 60 days from their original end date.”

This also consists of assignments that have gained their maximum length, “where legally allowed,” the document stated.

When CNBC requested for a comment, Google didn’t immediately respond to it.

Setting up a “COVID-19 fund”

The new measures have surfaced as Alphabet asks employees to remain motivated to run Google’s global infrastructure amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

It also comes as the company encounters scrutiny from contract employees who have petitioned for an improved treatment at the time of the outbreak. More than half of Google’s 300,000-person workforce is contract-based. 

Google stated earlier this month that it would be moving the majority of its global staff out of its offices so that employees can work from home.

Google also claimed that it’s setting up a “COVID-19 fund” that is going to pay global temporary staff and vendors sick leave if they have possible symptoms of the virus or are unable to work due to quarantine.

However, while the changes worked for full-time employees, contractors complained that they were still being asked to come into the office. Last week, a few of the temporary employees circulated an internal memo, which has a list of demands, asking for improved protections for contract workers after many of them were still being asked to come into the office. 

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