Observing Easter Online amid the Lockdown and Social-Distancing Measures in Australia and New Zealand

In the difficult times of the coronavirus outbreak, Easter traditions were seen observing in a different style this year. Since the virus epidemic caused restrictions on the people’s movement, Australians and New Zealanders spent Sunday, April 12, 2020, attending church services online, by setting up camps in backyards. With their relentless efforts to contain the virus spread, both the leaders of the countries including New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison have received wide appreciation from the citizens.

Easters Celebrations amid Lockdown

Since the churches and religious worshipped places across Australia were locked due to the governments’ policy related to the virus outbreak, the celebration of Easter traditions and church services were conducted online. The government’s restriction of public gatherings over two people banned and the majority of beaches closed to the public, Australians have been left no choice but to set up camps in their backyards to observe traditions.

According to local media reports, however, the unusually hot temperatures of near 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) in Western Australia have pushed people to the beach this weekend. Citing the people, who were present on beaches, respected social and physical distancing, police said they allow them to walk on beaches. Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy said at a televised briefing on Sunday, “We must maintain our strong position of social distancing.”

Meanwhile, the Treasurer of Australia, Josh Frydenberg told ABC television that the rate of unemployment in the country had been on a surge and the economy was deteriorating due to the severe impact of the virus epidemic. However, he warned that it would be “very dangerous” to neglect or subside medical advice by healthcare professionals or restrictions imposed by the government.

Improved Situations in Australia and New Zealand

The fallout of the wide-ranging lockdown measures and governments’ tougher policies of social-distancing rules showed positive signs that the rate of the newly infected cases dropped significantly in both countries of Australia and New Zealand in recent weeks.

According to Australia’s health ministry, on Sunday the new confirmed cases of 51, the slowest rate in a month, was reported which led to the total number of the country’s virus-infection cases reached to 6,289, with 59 deaths were registered.

In New Zealand, the number of patients who were recovered from COVID-19 continued to be higher than the number of new infections. With the 14 new cases reported on Sunday, New Zealand witnessed the total cases of the virus infection reached 1,049 and four people have died so far.

Citing the positive outcome of the government’s efforts on the virus contained, Murphy said at a televised briefing on Sunday, “There is no place in the world I would rather be than Australia at the moment.” Meanwhile, the Australian government on Sunday announced that it had reserved more than A$18 billion ($11.2 billion) for the restructuring universities this year, with Education Minister, Dan Tehan’s announcement to reduce the prices for some short courses.

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