Biden Visits Veterans Memorial for His First Public Appearance in Weeks

Former Vice President and democrat, Joe Biden on Monday, May 25, 2020, visited a nearby veterans’ memorial to mark the US Memorial Day holiday, which made his first public appearance outside his Delaware home. The fore-runner democrat presidential candidate had been out of sight and quarantining himself due to the coronavirus pandemic 10 weeks ago.

Biden’s Public Appearance

Biden and his wife, Jill attended a memorial by offering a wreath of white roses for US military veterans who fought in World War Two and the Korean War. Biden told reporters, “It feels good to be out of my house,” and his speech slightly muffled as he spoke with the mask on. Keeping a distance, he saluted about a dozen veterans and other onlookers standing a few yards away and also thanked them for their service. US President Donald Trump also marked the Memorial Day holiday, laying a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia and visiting a historic fort in Baltimore.

During his self-quarantine stay at home, Biden has been holding virtual campaign events for the upcoming 2020 US Presidential election to be held on November 3 but his popularity declined sharply as his in-person campaign was shut due to the virus outbreak.

While Trump’s activities and election campaign were also under the constraint but he has gradually loosened up his confinement in the White House in recent weeks to visit the battleground states of Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania in his presidential capacity. With the Trump administration imposition of emergency lockdown in the early March, Biden shut his in-person election campaign with his last appearance in a debate in a television studio in Washington on March 15.

Republican’s Attacks on Biden’s Recent Statement

Since the public approval rating had slipped for the Republican president due to concerns related to poor handling of the pandemic, Biden has consistently kept an edge over Trump in national polls but some of Biden’s donors and supporters were worried over his low profile.

Speaking to reporters on a question of whether Monday’s event meant Biden’s new venture for a public appearance, the campaign did not directly respond, saying in a statement, “It’s more imperative than ever that we honor and remember the veterans, and their families, who sacrificed everything for this nation.”

Meanwhile, Biden’s at-home campaigning is now facing trouble since he blundered in an interview with a radio show on Friday, saying that black voters were torn between voting for him and Trump who “ain’t black.” The remarks sparked the fierce attacks from republicans and an uproar on social media, and the Trump campaign accused Biden of taking the black vote for granted. Later, Biden apologized for being “cavalier” and African Americans are a crucial constituency for Biden.

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